Snack With Certainty

Enjoy peace of mind with 100 LOW FODMAP snacks!

    This is perfect for you if…

    • You’re often hungry but worry that a snack might trigger your IBS to flare up 
    • You feel anxious about messing up on the low FODMAP diet and so just stay  starving instead
    • You usual snacks are all high in FODMAPS and you don’t know what to eat 
    • You’re bored of your current snacks and looking for inspiration

    When you grab my snack guide:

    • You will gain confidence to plan snacks that won’t trigger your symptoms
    • You’ll get ‘Dietitian Approved’ low FODMAP grab & go snack ideas 
    • You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that everything in this guide helps you manage your IBS

    Ready to discover a range of delicious IBS friendly snacks?

    Why you can trust me

    I’m Daniela, I am a Registered Dietitian and irritable bowel syndrome expert. 

    Even the simple task of eating can cause   uncomfortable gut symptoms when you have IBS and not knowing whether something is ‘safe’ can be scary at best and painful at worst.

    I get it because I’ve been there too! I’m an IBS sufferer and understand first hand the impact it can have on our daily lives; from having to call in sick to work, to cancelling plans, to not being able to wear the clothes you love to feeling anxious about travelling. 

    I have helped thousands of clients with my tried and tested science backed strategies that actually work and I’m here to show you how to get relief from bloating, pain and unpredictable bowel movements, so you can live your life again. 

    What you get exactly

    You will receive an 9 page e-guide that you can download or print off, that contains 100 Low FODMAP  snacks including high fibre options, high protein and also ‘grab & go’ snack foods!

    low fodmap snacks

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